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Due to safe distancing regulations, please first make an appointment with us by phone (64681618) , or SMS / Whatsapp (96426781) so we can reserve a timeslot for you. We are operational between 11am to 5pm. You can message us on Facebook too! 🙂

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Have been going back to Uncle James for years! Love the service and always nice to go back and see him. 🙂 Great spectacles, great quality, and he really helps take care of my vision.

Chelsea Sim

Mr James is such an expert at selecting glasses. He helped me find a frame very fast, that is the right size for my face!

Both Hanes and Mr James also patiently explained to me why one frame is best for me, in great detail, and answered all my questions.

I was convinced I made the right choice of frames recommended by Mr James. Thanks very much, Mr James and Hanes!

Janice Liew

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Proven to curb myopia progression by up to 59% and halt myopia progression by 21.5%



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Zeiss i.Profiler®

Cutting edge technology such as ocular wavefront aberrometer, autorefractometer, ATLAS corneal topographer and keratometer to bring you the best lenses for your eyes


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