Hanes and Melissa are so patient with me and even helped me to pick my new pair that suit me to a T. I’m jumping up in joy!

Vin Lee

Excellent and sincere service. Had been going back for all our optical needs for the past 30 years.

William Yap

I was first introduced to Sincere Optics by a friend.

I’ve always enjoyed the personalized service that Mom and Pop stores provide, but Sincere Optics brings new meaning to service.

Mr James patiently went through countless frames to find one that I liked and fit my face. I felt very comfortable having my prescription taken, something I don’t usually feel at other optical shops. On the day I collected my glasses, he spent half an hour adjusting the arms and nose pad such that it fit *perfectly* on my face.

I have bought various pieces of eyewear from Sincere Optics and I will keep returning because I believe good service should be rewarded with loyalty!

Jimmy Tjeng

Mr James is such an expert at selecting glasses. He helped me find a frame very fast, that is the right size for my face!

Both Hanes and Mr James also patiently explained to me why one frame is best for me, in great detail, and answered all my questions.

I was convinced I made the right choice of frames recommended by Mr James. Thanks very much, Mr James and Hanes!

Janice Liew

Been with them since my school days. Although I have been to other opticians, I still find my way back to them. They are professional and experienced. It’s difficult to find such great team nowadays.

Charlie Lim

Great professional service – I’ll definitely be back!

Claire Ban

Friendly and knowledgeable, a big selection of frames. Love my new progressive lens, very clean and light. Thanks uncle, Hanes and Melissa.

Ian Ezumi Kho

Professional with a personal touch. All round great service. Definitely worth the trip here and will be back for all my optical needs.


Highly professional customer service ….with the latest fashion and technology!
Make a trip there with no regrets! You will be served with the best pair of spectacles that suits you……! I LOVE Sincere Optics!!!

Lee BeeSwan

Hanes and Melissa are so patient with me and even helped me to pick my new pair that suit me to a T. I’m jumping up in joy!

Vin Lee

Worked within my budget, and on top of that they took the time to explain to me what the nature of my condition was. For the first time in all the years I have had astigmatism, I actually know what it is and how it is affecting my vision.

Patient with my questions and worked from a space of being of service to me instead of making a profit.

Can totally see why they are SINCERE Optics!! ❤️❤️

Aj Alejandro

Their knowledge and services surpassed my expectations . Kudos to them , I am feeling more confident with putting on my specs now . Thank you Hanes and Melissa ❤️

Joven Chen

I’ve been going to Sincere Optics since when I was a child with my parents. I have a bunch of vision conditions making my spectacles choice sometimes limited.

As an adult, I am thrilled that both Hanes and Mel are carrying on the family business. I hadn’t been to change spectacles for some years and was anxious. The team quickly put me at ease, testing my eyes and explaining my prescription to me. Knowing that I work in an image conscious workplace, they spent time and effort to find frames that suit my face and professional image while being conscious about my budget.

Thanks, you folks are really sincere and I never want to switch opticians!

Justina Yeh

Have been going back to Uncle James for years! Love the service and always nice to go back and see him. 🙂 Great spectacles, great quality, and he really helps take care of my vision.

Chelsea Sim